Peter - To the complaints department

I don't have any and am more than pleased with the new bike from Bill Smith Motors in Chester.
The buying experience was excellent and you have a very good dealer who looks after your interests.  I got a fair deal with good value for my 4 year old Newchurch.  I find the new 1200 light years ahead of this great bike.  For me at 72 I find it easy to move around the garage or when manoeuvring when parking. The many extra features are more than welcome as teh old bike had no fuel gauge, heated grips or centre stand. The new centre stand is much better and easier to operate. With the addition of rev counter fuel gauge etc this creature comforts now match my Mercedes.
Oh apart for heated seat LOL
The ride and performance have improved no end  and I hope to get another
100 miles or so tomorrow . I guess the tyres and brakes have scrubbed in by now and with such a hi torque motor its very easy to keep it spinning with out getting it revving.
I don't often let suppliers know they have done a good job but in this case I am delighted with this my 5th new Triumph purchase. You have designed and made a bike that suits me perfectly
Regards Peter