Paul Cumberlidge

Good afternoon Mark,

Its a nice email!!

I would like to bring to your attention, the outstanding service, I have received from your team since September this year.
On the 11th September 2016, I had the misfortune of being knocked off my beloved Triumph Bonneville, I purchased from you in August 2010. As a result of which, I sustained serious injuries (compound fracture Fibula and tibia broken big toe etc). I had a very negative experience from my own insurance Zenith, who without any inspection, were simply going to 'write the bike off''.
I then spoke to PHIL BEACH, who offered to email a valuation of my Triumph Bonneville Sixty, of £6000, which I was able to present it the insurance company. The other party insurance, LV offered to arrange the repairs at my nominated garage, Bill Smith. At this stage I came across JAMES FITZPATRICK and BEN PRESTON. These two have been outstanding and I know these two are the driving force of getting my bike repaired. I know they have gone above and beyond their duty to make these repairs possible.

On Wednesday 7th December, I attended Bill Smith workshops to inspect my bike and was introduced to DAVE ANDREWS, who repaired my bike and sprayed the tank. I must say what a very talented man. Again he was a really nice helpful guy, it must be re assuring as the 'Boss' to have such a dedicated, skilled and professional team around you.

I look forward to dealing with you, in view of purchasing another bike for the forthcoming March registration and I hope we can strike a cracking deal!

All the best and thanks again!