Yamaha Speedblock 1-PC Riding Leathers

Part No: A10-DB10R-52-B0
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Product Description

Take the fast lane to planet cool with these Speedblock riding leathers.
After all, the "Yamaha Speedblock' graphics say that you're racing even when you're standing still.

    EN1621 1/97 certified composite protectors as standard
    Homologated composite protectors on elbows and legshins
    Articulated protectors for upper arms and shoulders
    Biaxial elastic inserts at underarm and lowerback
    Elastic inserts at underarm, shoulder blades, crotch, hindlegs and above the knees
    Fixed lining creates, thanks to its 3D structure, an internal microclimate
    Double zipper at calfs
    Aerodynamic spoiler (hump)
    Interchangeable sliders
    Available in regular and long (by 5cm)
    Delivered with leather cleaning kit