MX Power Tuner WR 250F

Part No: 33D-859C0-10-00-WR250F
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Product Description

This easy, plug-in fuel-injection and ignition tuning tool allows quick adjustment of the fuel and ignition maps of your Yamaha.

    Monitors the data from various sensors on the unit
    Adjustments can be made for two 3D program maps - the fuel injection volume map and the ignition timing map
    Three adjustable points at RPM level available (low, mid and high-speed)
    Three adjustable points at throttle opening available (low, half and full-throttle)
    Adjustments on the fuel injection map over 15 steps (-7 to +7)
    Adjustments on the ignition advance map over 14 steps (-9 to +4)
    Possible to adjust idle timing - see engine running time and self diagnosis function
    Memory function can save up to 9 custom maps
    Maps can be created without being connected to the bike
    Easy plug and play, can be done in your garage or on track


See our recommendation sheet for baseline settings.