GYTR Off-Road Flywheel

Part No: 1SL-H13A0-V0-00
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Product Description

Fully assembled flywheel to replace the original for racing purpose.

    Smoothes the power delivery by adding 124.74g to flywheel weight, in effect increasing inertia mass* over stock by 3.2 kg/cm2 (total of 9.5 kg/cm2)
    Helps to get power to the ground and keep your momentum up through corners and tricky sections, resulting in faster lap times and more race wins
    Easy to install, allowing you the opportunity to change flywheels for different types of riding


* Flywheels are measured by inertia weights because the affect of the weight differs depending on where it is in relation to the center of the crank. So a 113g and 170g weight might have the same affect depending on where they are positioned in relation to the center of the crank.