Shoei Neotec Plain Light Silver

Part No: UQS0491120
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Product Description

Shoei Neotec Plain Light Silver


SIZES: X-Small - XX-Large

Shell in AIM
Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity
EPS-liner system with two densities Optimized protection trough EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels
Mist-retardant CNS-1 Pinlock system
Fast and easy to change
Micro ratchet system
Easy to handle; always perfectly adjusted
360° Pivot Locking System made from stainless steel

3 different outer shell constructions or perfect fit and
compact dimensions
1) XS-M; 2) L; 3) XL-XXL
3D-centre pads; detachable; washable
Cheek pads detachable; washable
Chinstrap cover detachable; washable
Easy to maintain and clean
Prepared for Intercom installation

Multiple venting and extraction for optimum ventilation performance inlets on brow and chin
Fresh air supply guaranteed
Two outlets at the rear to exhaust warm air

Integrated spoiler for optimised aero dynamical performance
Integrated “Vortex Generator”
Active noise cancelling

Cheek pads in different sizes for individual adjustment
Breathguard prevents fogging of the visor (Included)
Chin curtain reduces turbulence inside the helmet (Included)
Original SHOEI helmet bag comes with the helmet