Shoei GT Air Inertia TC5

Part No: UQS0526143
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Product Description

Shoei GT Air Inertia TC5

GT Air Inertia TC5

GT Air

Shell in AIM
EPS-liner system with multiple densities
Mist-retardant CNS-1 Pinlock system
Double-D fastening
Security system

QSV-1 sun visor DIN EN1836 approved
3 different outer shell constructions
3D-centrepad; detachable; washable
Cheek pads detachable; washable
Chinstrap cover detachable; washable
Ear pads to reduce noise
Prepared for Intercom installation

Multiple venting and extraction
Inlets on brow - fresh air supply guaranteed
Outlets at the rear to exhaust warm air

Integrated spoiler for optimised aerodynamic performance