Neotec 2 Plain Matt Blue

Part No: 008629
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 Newly designed cheek pad including Noise Isolator

Deflector prevents wind ingress, maximum noise reduction, optimum wearing comfort

- Prepared for SENA communication system

Perfectly integrated into the helmet, no protruding operating unit

- Compact Helmet Shell 

3 Different outer shell constructions, ultra lightweight by innovative shell moulding technology, wind tunnel developed for perfect aerodynamics

- Improved flip up Mechanism

Innovative two-stage locking system in opened state allows P/J double homologation, Stainless steel pivot locking system

- Optmized visor form

Completely new design, specially shaped for optimum sealing, minimized optical distortions Shell in AIM

Ogranic and multi-composite fibres in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity. 

- EPS liner system with two densities

Optimized protection through EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels

- Mist-retardant CNS-3 Pinlock system

Fast and easy to change

- Stainless steel micro Ratchet system

Easy to use and always perfectly adjusted

- 360 Degree stainless steel Pivot locking system

For safe locking of the face cover

- Double homologation P/J

Homologated as Jet and Integral helmet- Multiple venting and extraction

For optimum ventilation performance

- Inlets at upper head and chin areas

Provide maximum ventilation performance

- 2 Outlets at the rear

To Extract warm air

- Dramatically increased airflow

Through newly developed air intakes